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Girl Skateboards in London

It feels like that Girl Skateboards is stronger than ever and it is safe to say that you could blame it on their new…

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WEAKDAYS – 2016 Year Review

With its ups and downs I’d say 2016 was all in all a solid year for Girl and Chocolate Skateboards. Some of the good…


The Antisocial Video

If you have been skating for a couple of years now you may remember that Antisocial is a Vancouver skate shop that was founded…



For those of you that are lucky enough to live near some mountains, you might have heard some of your snowboarding homies talk about…

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Girl & Chocolate in Mexico

Girl & Chocolate spent a week below the boarder and produced a fun little tour clip featuring Vincent Alvarez, Cory Kennedy, Mike Carroll, Stevie…


Antisocial Promo 2015

More than ten years ago Antisocial skate shop out of Vancouver, Canada released a video. It was one of those videos that I would…


LAKAI Canadian Stupor Tour

Das Lakai Team ist Ende Juni auf stumpfer Kanada Tour unterwegs gewesen und hat die Fans in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal und Quebec City begeistert….