Hotel Blue


Hotel Blue – All Flat

Hotel Blue made it out of the freezing cold in NYC to actually find out that SF is totally flat. It was all lies…


Juan Virues Welcome to Villains

Hotel Blue’s Juan Virues with a new vieo part for Villains including a serious Gino hommage. Found it? Juan has flavour. Filmed by Hugo…

Hotel Blue Rough Luxury-01-01

Hotel Blue – “Rough Luxury”

Hotel Blue, has a new video offering, Rough Luxury, straight from the streets of NYC. Filled with enough grit and power too keep you…


LurkNYC – hotel blue, ya know?

Another hit from the big apple. Nick von Werssowetz’s new “Hotel Blue” video comes with Dylan Fulford, Giovanni Vacca and Charles Deschamps.

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Hotel Blue – Playground Casino

Hotel Blue is taking some smooth operations in New York City. Featuring Mark Poole, Will Blakley, Dylan Fulford, Giovanni Vacca and Carlos Mendoza.


Calvin Millar – CHILL

As I am sure many of you do, we wake up and stay in bed for a while scrolling trough our Instagram feed before…

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LurkNYC – Mean Streets v.4

Nick von Werssowetz comes with another one “..and the crowd goes wild..”! It seems like the summer in NYC this year will last forever….