Nick von Werssowetz

LurkNYC – Mean Steets v.11

First off, this is probably one of the best Mean Streets ever, Why? It features a lot of new NYC talent, secondly, the intro…

Hotel Blue – “Exhaust”

Hotel Blue is putting out clips at a nice pace this year at the same time the team is expanding and with additions like…

LurkNYC – hotel blue, ya know?

Another hit from the big apple. Nick von Werssowetz’s new “Hotel Blue” video comes with Dylan Fulford, Giovanni Vacca and Charles Deschamps.

Mean Streets John Shanahan

One of our office favorite’s John Shanahan with the LurkNYC Treatment. Sit back and enjoy the latest DC Shoes amateur skating the boroughs.

LurkNYC – Mean Streets v.8

We don’t know how Nick von Werssowetz manages to churn these montages out at the pace that he does and with the such a…