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Leo Carroll-Capp – Banned

This video is quite simply what the Vimeo description says “Melbourne throughout 2017”. Pretty nice to see what can happen in a year.

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Urbanbeargrylls – Botched

Botched “carry out (a task) badly or carelessly” this may be the title but it’s definitely not the case in the new video from Melbournes…

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Geoff Campbell – UBG Vol. 1

UBG Vol. 1 is a full length independent skateboard film shot in the city of Melbourne featuring, among others, Geoff Campbell, who almost got…



“Arseholes, bastards, fucking cunts and pricks” ist jetzt nicht die schönste Begrüßung aber ein doch ziemlich interessanter Einstieg in Callum Pauls Pass~Port Section. Der…


adidas Skateboarding Melbourne Feature

Nach Athen und Montreal ging es nun für das adidas Skateboarding Team um Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, Pete Eldridge, Benny Fairfax, Nestor…