Diego Todd

Jake Kuzyk – Loaded

Thank you, Jake, for making this video showing us some wonderful skating in these confusing times.

Stüssy – How Original

A very sweet and concise video by Jared Sherbert for Stüssy. The vibe in this is very well put together and nothing is wasted…

Jake Kuzyk’s Kick Back Video

We have been fans of Jake Kuzyk’s work for a while now and we are happy to see his new project being basically about…

•BOOM by Ben Chadourne

A new video by Ben Chadourne feat.: Kevin Rodrigues, Paul Grund, Roman Gonzalez and many more. Those ones are never disappointing.

Fucking Awesome – Fuck a Rough Cut

The Fucking Awesome/Hockey guys skating Baltimore and Washington DC. Featuring: Aidan Mackey, Elijah Berle, Diego Todd, John Fitzgerald, Ben Kadow, Anthony Van Engelen, Caleb Barnett…

Hockey – Daytona Tijuana Ventura

Go watch the new “Hockey – Daytona Tijuana Ventura” Video to see new footy of  Donovon Piscopo, John Fitzgerald, Andrew Allen, Diego Todd. Enjoy!  


The youth has the future and ever since Parisian staple Luidgi Gaydu introduced us to the people of Pure we have been following their…