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Alexis Sablone is known for pushing herself to the limits and in doing that she also pushes women to press themselves to new heights. WKND saw no way around Alexis and decided to roll with her on the journey that she is on.

TWS Magazine spent an afternoon at Austyn Gillette’s home in Los Angeles on talking about the HUF NYC trip, recovering from his double knee surgery, and why he rides for WKND Skateboards.

His section in WKND Skateboards new edit:

It seems that many people know that WKND has a strong connection to the state of Florida before the board brand started a lot of the people that are now on WKND were responsible for the Weekendtage videos, some Ripndip stuff and more. As they started to establish themselves in the skateboarding world the Californian vibes increased but now with this clip, they are going back to their Floridian roots.

Expect some nice moves from the likes of Johan Stuckey, Alex Schmidt, Jordan Taylor, Christian Maalouf, Austyn Gillette and others.