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Sometimes if you don’t pay attention you might miss some good stuff, it can be the littlest thing like living on the other side of the border between Germany and Belgium, and you might miss seeing a trick that can become your new favorite move. And this video definitely sparked some ideas that we are trying out later today. So check it out and maybe it will have a similar effect on you.

Featuring: Fabian Michel, Dr. Love, Nikita Weltman, Martin Lautenbach, Johannes Schön, Konstantin Kipfmüller, Thomas Gentsh, Paul Conradi, Patrick Bös, Moritz Osterkamp, Till Zu Dohna, Willow, Daniel Spiegel and more

Das Preloved Team hat es in diesem Sommer richtig gemacht und ein paar Tage an der holländischen Nordseeküste verbracht. Was Dardan, Streiter, Till und Co. skateboardtechnisch fabriziert haben, hat Gerrit erneut stylisch in folgendem Video verpackt.