Tag: Théo Meas

The second epsiode of the Marseille series by Macéo Moreau featuring Jerome Sossou, Victor Campillo, Kevin Ozcan, Théo Meas, Antoine Volle, Pierre Kaledjian and Macéo Moreau himself.

Marseille, Macéo Moreau, Victor Campillo and many other rippers make this fonky footy well worth the watch!


Jerome Sossou, Victor Campillo, Marius Moreau, Kevin Ozcan, Thibault Le Nours, Luidgi Gaydu, Armand Vaucher, Théo Meas, Abel Leblanc, Yensi Lama, Antoine Volle, Tim Reinson, Pierre Edouard Grimaud & Maceo Moreau.