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There is a new shop in Sydney, Australia for all your needs regarding skateboarding products and maybe more. They might even have a good couch to chill :). Go check it!

Filmed & edited by Redd Sarson.

Sydney’s Noah Nayef filmed an amazing part for April Skateboards. The only words we have are “Wow, he figured it out.”

Soon the borders to the Down Under will open up again! With “croons theatre.” by ORION STEFANIDIS we get a glimpse of what they were cooking up in Sydney, Australia. This one is dedicated to Wade Thompson.

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A New Balance Numeric Australia production featuring Jack Paterson, Sean Ryan and appearances by Riwaz Kazi, Jett Stanton, Aidan Ouma-Machio, Cody Riley, Tyrone Sutherland and Karl Dorman.

Filmed and edited by Cameron Sparkes.

Pass Port can’t do no wrong. All you need to know about their latest collaboration video with “Low Life”:

“Visceral with banale urgency, staccatic in rhythm, dead & burning on the water of the disparate 00’s Sydney punk scene. Constantly showing neither a desire to arrive nor leave, but never looking to stay. Like a rabid dog at an obituary, low life have more or less been the soundtrack of a decade of decay in this city. But like an eel in the Cooks River, their dogged sound continues to move against the current, through the mud and beneath the surface, & the light that does find its way through the water reflects from their skin; unnerving, uninviting & unwelcome, but brilliantly present as a dull & constant luster.”

Sydneys Sammy Winter ist schon seit einiger Zeit mit Tretern von HUF ausgestattet worden. Nun wird er endgültig im Team willkommen geheißen, wenn das mal keine Bereicherung ist! Auf der vergangenen Australien Tour war Sammy bereits dabei:

Skateboarding aus Sydney – zusammengetragen von der Panther Army und auf ziemlich abenteuerliche Musik geschnitten – trotzdem sehenswert. Mit dabei sind unter anderem Sammy Winter, Bjorn Johnston, Chima Ferguson, Josh Pall, Ryan Wilson, Jon Lorcan, Juan Onekawa und Dean Palmer