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Pontus Alv took some of the Polar guys on a little vacation to Puerto Rico. He also invited some friends over, including Jesse Alba who took his VX with him and made this clip. Seems like they had a great time.

Featuring Andrew Wilson, Hjalte Halberg, Pontus Alv, Nik Stain, Roman Gonzales, Jesse Alba himself and more.

A lot of Parisien action on the web lately, the Instagram videos have slightly slowed down but the Bloby video output has gone up. To bo honest, we like it better this way and this clip leaves way more room for us to actually check their style of skating.

Featuring the likes of Kevin Rodrigues, Roman Gonzales, Vincent Touzery, Karl Salah, Valentin Jutant, Bloby Greg and many more.

The Blobys are taking matters into their own hands once again with this insta mix. Instead of the fan mixes this one has the OG footage set to some tunes of their liking. Enjoy Repúblique and many other Parisian spots in this 10 minute video and click here to check out the first remix.

Featuring the likes of Kevin Rodrigues, Roman Gonzales, Vincent Touzery, Karl Salah, Valentin Jutant, Bloby Greg and many more.

Photo by Manuel Schenck.

You probably have seen the parts of Marca Barbier, Maceo Moreau and Michael Mackrodt on our site already. Now this is the complete full length project about Europe’s three popular metropolises coordinated by our friend Thomas Busuttil. Very worth watching!

Featuring Remy Taveira, Kevin Rodriguez, Roman Gonzales, Tom Knox, Jake Collins, Jarne Verbrugen, Didrik Gallasso, Joseph Biais, Vincent Coupeau, Denny Pham, Dennis Busenitz, Kyron Davis, Marc-Alexandre Barbier, Maceo Moreau, Michael Mackrodt, Yoshi Tannenbaum, Harry Lintel, Edouard Depaz, Giorgi Balkhamishvili and so many more!

Cyrus Bennett, Ishod Wair, Sage Elsesser, Roman Gonzales, Alex Olson & more in John Wilson’s new video “Sup World”- so many reasons to watch this!

Kenny Anderson kam nach Berlin und das nicht ohne seine geliebten kalifornischen Spots. Mit ordentlich Übergepäck flog er vor einigen Tagen aus der Sonne ins graue Berlin, um mit dem europäischen Converse Team insgesamt drei ausgewählte Spots zu skaten. Mit dabei: Remy Taveira, Paul Grund, Danny Sommerfeld, Daniel Pannemann, Jerome Campbell, Harry Lintell, Gregoire Cuadrado, Eduard De Paz und Roman Gonzales. Ein paar Bilder der Session findest du HIER.

Das französische Cons Team hat sich auf einen Trip nach Nantes, La Rochelle, Arcachon und Bordeaux begeben und uns ein bißchen Footage zusammengeschnitten. Paul Grund, Roman Gonzales, Karl Salah und Pako Pion legen ziemlich modernes Strettskating an den Tag, das wir uns mit Vergnügen anschauen: