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“A special tribute celebrating the life and legacy of Keith Hufnagel. Video by RB Umali and music by Hanni El Khatib.” – enough said.

Somewhere between Jason Dill in skate more, Instagram and Jim Greco’s films now lies this Eli Reed project.

Is it good? Is it bad or is it just there? That is up to you the viewer to decide.

A Quartersnacks back in the day re-edit with footage from way back in the day. In our opinion, this is still the QS re-edit to beat the only thing this might be missing is a guy yelling “YERP!”. Otherwise, it ticks all important “skateboarding in the big apple” boxes.

Image taken from The Chromeball Incident.

CCS hat eine kleine Dokumentation mit dem Filmer RB Umali, über das legendäre Zoo YorkMixtape, in der es um Skateboarding aus New York City in der Pre-9/11 Zeit geht; inklusive SW Kickflip über einen Picknick Table.