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It has been a while since the first volume of Pete’s B&B came out, mostly because Pete himself has started working and has a lot of projects left to finish. The funny thing is, though he has been holding onto some of this footage for a while “saving it” for the appropriate moment. In the end, that moment came when Roland Hoogwater ended up editing the whole thing, making this a slightly different but otherwise enjoyable installment of the B&B series.

The title came from one of our friends who does his own vlog and was working his 39th episode during the editing of this B&B. As in the last volume, this one is set in the Netherlands and features the likes of:

Peter Buikema, Wessel Oelen, Elya Dijk, Robin Hayford, Yungsam, Roland Hoogwater, Gerben Scharft and Hobbe Hollands.


Click here to watch the first volume of Pete’s B&B.

We are happy to announce Peter Buikema from The Netherlands as one of our new interns. Peter was already working for us in Amsterdam last August and just a few weeks later we invited him again to ‘The Dam’ for our release of the new issue.

Together with Alex O’Donahoe, Bobby Groves, Tjark Thielker, Budget Beuker and the rest of the PLACE crew we decided to stay for the long weekend to go out skating, of course. The result is our brand new series “Pete’s B&B” and this is our first episode!

Photo by Friedjof Feye.

Most of you might not be familiar with the name Peter Buikema. Well, Peter is from Holland, he is said to be a rather shy and quiet guy and super critical with his own skating. This part is a re-edit of his footage from 2015 and was put together by no less than our very own Place Mag editor Roland Hoogwater. Peter is one of those guys who can combine fancy griptapes, Converse All Stars, loose trucks, old school plastic rails and pants at half mast with rough street spots and good skateboarding. Bon Appétit!