Tag: Paul Langsley

A huge line up for this 6 minute long clip. Romain Batard picked up his VX1000 again and captured all these guys having fun in France.

Featuring Hugo Maillard, Louis Deschamps, Clément Harpillard, Yann Garin, Masaki Ui, Joffrey Morel, Alban Ma Tri, Juan Renoux, Amiel Kornicki, Hugo Corbin, Santiago Sasson, Thibault Proux, Louis Perruchaud, Paul Langsley, Hervé Leroy, Quentin Chambry, Augustin Giovannoni, Maxime Le Guyader, Simon Peltier, Samuel Dietzel, Justin Wagener, and Fred Plocque-Santos.

Oh, yes! Magenta Skateboard‘s exceptional lightfooted crew flows over beautiful Parisian pavements again!

Featuring Jimmy Lannon, Vivien Feil, Leo Valls, Santiago Sasson, Glen Fox, Willem Van Dijk, Victor Demonte, Say Panday, Paul Langsley and more.

The feel-good-montage of the day. Watch it and dream about your next vacation with all the homies. Here’s Joffrey Morel, Alban Matri, Paul Langsley, Louis Perruchaud, Selim Osseirane and our favorite skater Franz Grimm, filmed by Viktor Demonte.