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Highly entertaining compilation from the MÔMES Paris crew.

The city, the crew, the filmer, it all looks so good! Most of you viewers will most likely be doing your family trees just to see if you can apply for a Russian passport!

If you like Ben Chadourne’s work check out more here

A new video by Ben Chadourne feat.: Kevin Rodrigues, Paul Grund, Roman Gonzalez and many more. Those ones are never disappointing.

Have you seen the new Nike SB & Polar Skate Co. campaign?  Amazing work. To make it complete they have just launched their Puerto Rico tour edit. Feat.: Ville Wester, Oski, Hjalte, Emile & more.

Our frenchman Augustin Giovannoni aka. Nnoni is back with a new project and it’s his best work so far. Make yourself comfortable and watch Oscar Candon, Marca Barbier, Paul Grund, Tom O’reilly & a lot more.

Ben’s new video is highly recommendable and definitely worth a second or even a third watch. Here’s Hjalte Halberg, Bobby DeKeyzer, Nik Stain & Paul Grund in Vienna, Prague, Berlin, and Budapest.

Do you need a text to accompany this post? Are you even reading this? Press play and see if Pontus finally blew it this time or if he, in fact, came through again!

Photo by Matt Price.

We would like to invite you to the launch event for PLACE Issue #60 the “Time Issue”.

During this event, we want to take you with us and celebrate things in style at Eo7 in Madrid in partnership with Carhartt WIP & Sevenmad and with the support of Converse CONS.

Our new issue is focusing on the thing that is constantly ticking or tocking in the background, not a clock but time itself is the focus of our newest issue.

The evening starts off, with us presenting our newest issue that is followed by a showing of four videos related to the print issue:

Fries Taillieu “1 24 1440” / Adidas Summer camp / Felipé Bartolome’s “Time” / Berlin’s Jerusalem

For more info please go to our Facebook event.

PLACE Issue 60 Features:

Jacob Elliot Harris, Phil Zwijsen, Fries Taillieu, Hugo Maillard, Paul Grund, Felipé Bartolome and many more.


A new one by the Blobys. Watch Hadrien Buhannic’s new edit full of Bloby magic below. Featuring Kevin Rodrigues, Greg Cuadrado, Hjalte Halberg, Vincent Touzery, Paul Grund, Gauthier Rouger, Oscar Candon, Roman Gonzalez and William Moneris.

Since the introduction and explosion of social media, every skater has turned into his or her own marketing machine with a great outlet for creativity.

Obviously, some are better than other some even turn into filmers, editors or designers later on in life. We feel this video By Cyrus shows promise, it has some noticeably strong minutes (especially in the beginning). But with anything in life don’t take our word make up your own mind.

Featuring: Cyrus Bennett, Aidan Mackey, Vincent Touzery, Logan Lara, Johnny Wilson, Max Palmer, Jesse Alba, Hjalte Halberg, Chris Milic, Paul Grund, Genesis Evans and more.

Picture the following scenery: It’s August the 15th, we are in Abu Dhabi and the clock is about to hit the 12 pm mark. Can you imagine how it would feel to skate outside in the heat of the desert city? Well, the day before yesterday we did the complete opposite of the above-explained situation. Converse CONS sent us out to Stockholm/Sweden (Yeah, it was cold), where we celebrated a very special happening. Main topic was: David Stentström took us on a very personal tour through his life in Stockholm (HERE you have the masterpiece) and some of us took a little but happy detour that night. The following photos will give you a taste of who was there:

Cyrus Bennett, Ishod Wair, Sage Elsesser, Roman Gonzales, Alex Olson & more in John Wilson’s new video “Sup World”- so many reasons to watch this!

Lucky us, lucky you! Today a load of great skateboard clips got released today. This one is by one of our favorite videographers Ben Chadourne. As in most of his work he once again shares some great footage of Les Bloby’s skating mainly around the French capital. Enjoy!

Featuring Kevin Rodrigues, Paul Grund, Valentin Jutant, Greg Cuadrado, Manuel Schenck, Roman Gonzalez, Luidgi Gaydu, Bobby Worrest, Hjalte Halberg, Antoine Gaston, Sean Pablo, Vincent Touzery and Nasere.

When I was younger I just collected every skate video I could get ahold on and stored it in my DVD shelf. But over time, I got more selective about which ones I really needed to buy a copy of. There have been only a handful videos during this year that expanded my collection. Pontus Alv’s latest masterpiece is one of them. Already the title makes you aware of the fact, that this video is much more than just a couple of skateboard tricks. This film takes you on a journey in a sort of dream-like nostalgic setting and, in doing so, a unique feeling is created.

“Everything is possible when we dream. Why can’t we sleep forever?”

Watch the full video online now! Click here.

Featuring Hjalte Halberg, Aaron Herrington, Kevin Rodrigues, Nick Boserio, Oskar Rozenberg, David Stenström, Dane Brady, Paul Grund and Roman Gonzalez.


The brand new PLACE issue 56 “Paris / Paname” will be available through skateshops, selected retailers and newsstands – some of the shops got the issue already, just ask!

The concept behind our current issue is to explore the booming Parisian skate scene, to visit people, who are a staple in Paris but also the ones who are not as well known but deserve a platform. We met a lot of exciting people while working on this issue, we were out there experiencing Paris with them. As with the last issue the work we do has become personal to us and we believe you can feel the Paris vibe as we felt it when you’ll read this issue.

Here’s a little sneak peak…

Santiago Sasson “Jardin Privé” – Interview

Manuel Schenck Portfolio – A Contemporary

A Cruise Through Paname – Spending Time with Parisians feat. Edouard Depaz, Joseph Bias and more

Jason Dill ’16 – Interview by Benjamin Deberdt

FUTUR – From the Shadows

Alex Pires “City Elements” feat. Ben Kadow, Tyshawn Jones, Joffrey Morel, Max Geronzi, Paul Grund and Sage Elsesser.

Get your copy HERE.

It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make a full-length skateboarding video happen. And most importantly: It takes time! And time is crucial. A team of skaters is very difficult to coordinate, especially if they have a “real” job in front of them, such as a video mission. Rémy Taivera for example is 100% skateboarding. I think I’ve never seen anybody so passionate and focused, but at the same time cool and relaxed. He may possess just the right balance to work hard and not look like a jock. The stuff he did for the video is on a top notch European level, complemented by a good eye for putting things together. Almost like Aaron Herrington, he can simply adapt to a spot in less than no time. He can do the math and read the situation.


But let me tell you, Rémy is a hard-working kind of skater. And even though he knows what he wants, he doesn’t always get it. But he never lets up easily, at least not without fighting for his goals. Isn’t that amazing? That’s like earning your own money for the first time to buy something you always wanted. Like being a kid again, working odd jobs at a shop or restaurant. Remy is sometimes trying so hard that you can see his body wanting to stop, while his mind simply can’t. He gets that look in his eyes that could actually hurt people. This state of mind projects a lot of energy and sometimes infects others to try harder, give more, and reach for their own goals with a little more persistence.

BILDER_pleasecharge_neu_highres-12Rémy Taveira with a boardslide to fakie.

Paris is beautiful and home to the best pavement in the whole wide world. And all the others things they say about the French capital are also true. Well, at least most of them. It’s pretty hard to find a guy with a mustache, a baguette pinched under his arm, a glass of red wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other, wearing a French hat of course, and a white-and-blue striped shirt, too. That’s a stereotype. But no sidewalk on earth can reach the Parisian standards when it comes to smoothness. Probably one of the reasons why there are so many good skaters here, for example the Blobys. Danny said it best: “Greg is like one of these street soccer players.” He should put a hat next to where he skates and let the people throw money in it. It’s really that refreshing to see him skate.

Paul and Kevin, the security and a German shepherd.

If a day could only have more then just 24 hours. After every filming trip, everyone involved only had a day off to take care of their lives. Going home to do a quick laundry run, only to wake up in the early morning to take a cab back to the airport is a very unusual lifestyle. A lifestyle some of us should probably not get used to, myself included. I always hated going by taxi. It just feels so unnatural to me. I would say it spoils your character in a way and lowers your horizon. Good thing you don’t have to depend on taxis. Sometimes it’s good to get a little lost here and there. That’s also how you get in contact with people.

BILDER_pleasecharge_neu_highres-13Remy Taveira – SW Crooked Grind

Paris will be the European hot spot this year, that’s for sure. And how could we forget to mention the whole Nozbone skate shop crew. You have to pay Paris a visit!

BILDER_pleasecharge_neu_highres-19Paul Grund and Ben Chardoune.

Watch #pleasecharge here:

by Daniel Pannemann

#Pleasecharge comes with the skating of Remy Taveira, Harry Lintell, Felipe Bartolome, Jerome Campbell, Paul Grund, Greg Cuadrado, Kevin Rodrigues, David Stenström, Javier Mendizabal, Carlos Cardenosa, Danny Sommerfeld, Daniel Pannemann and latest addition from france: Sylvain Tognelli. Enjoy a trip through all over europe:

More about the project in issue # 53 – coming soon!


K-rod wallrid this spot in London while filming for #Pleasecharge.

Here is the first real trailer für Converse Cons’s new euro squad video #Pleasecharge featuring: Remy Taveira, Harry Lintell, Kevin Rodrigues, Paul Grund, Daniel Pannemann, Danny Sommerfeld and more. The release date will be thursday the 25th of june.

This friday Converse Cons launching the brand new skate version of the One Star, coming in black or yellow. Next to the re-release of the classic model, there will be the first video screening of #PleaseCharge. See the Cons Euro Squad skating in Madrid, Paris, Berlin etc., filmed and edited by Ben Chadourne. Check out the Launch/Video-Premiere event in a skate-shop close to you:

Civilist/Berlin; friday 12th of june 6pm-10pm
Pivot/Cologne; friday 12th of june 5pm-8pm
SHRN/Munich; saturday 13th of june 5pm-10pm
Mantis/Hamburg – contact shop for info
Stil Laden/Vienna; friday 12th of june 5pm-10pm
242/Lausanne – contact shop for info



Seit einigen Wochen geht das Hashtag #PleaseCharge durch die sozialen Medien. Zu sehen sind Bilder und Videos der CONS Teamfahrer, doch genaueres weiss man bisher nicht über das europäische Converse Video, welches schon in wenigen Wochen erscheinen soll. Ben Chadourne ist die hauptverantwortliche Person hinter diesem Projekt, ist selbst als Kameramann tätig und wohl einer der am besten skatenden Filmer im Business. Er weiss also wovon man spricht, wenn es mit der Line mal etwas länger dauert. Um euch das Videoprojekt etwas näher zu bringen, sprachen wir mit dem Franzosen über #PleaseCharge. Bonjour Ben!

Hi Ben, wie seid ihr auf den Namen #PleaseCharge gekommen?
Als im Januar in Berlin der KA3 Launch stattfand, war einer meiner besten Freunde Paul Grund dabei. Ich selber habe es leider nicht geschafft, aber Paul kam die zündende Idee, als ihm einer der Jungs einen Bluetooth Lautsprecher reichte, welcher kaum noch Akku hatte und es dann in einer weiblichen Stimme aus den Boxen schallte “Please Charge”. Paul hat das aufgenommen und in einem seiner Instagram Videos verwendet – das hat mir gefallen. Als dann der erste Trip nach Bilbao ging, habe ich für einen Instagram Clip dieselbe Stimme benutzt und das Hashtag “PleaseCharge” eingeblendet. Uns allen hat das irgendwie gefallen und wir sind einfach dabei geblieben – der Name hat sich also recht natürlich entwickelt. Jetzt ist es sogar soweit gegangen, dass wir das Projekt auch ganz offiziell so nennen.

Wann habt ihr angefangen für #pleasecharge zu filmen?
Wir filmen seit dem 23. Februar diesen Jahres für das Projekt – also fast schon drei Monate. Ich muss ganz ehrlich sagen, dass es ein Knochenjob ist und es ohne die Hilfe von James Cruickshank wohl viel schwieriger wäre – der hat ganz schön was auf dem Kasten!

Photo: Severin Strauss

Wer wird alles dabei sein?
Wir versuchen natürlich so viele europäische Skater wie möglich zu featuren aber um einige Namen zu nennen: Remy Taveira, Harry Lintell, Felip Bartolome, Daniel Pannemann, Kevin Rodrigues, Paul Grund, David Stenström, Danny Sommerfeld und viele, viele mehr.

Wer arbeitet denn am härtesten an dem Projekt?
Ganz klar James und ich… (lacht)

Hast du dich mittlerweile daran gewöhnen können so lange von deiner Heimat Bordeaux getrennt zu sein? Vermisst du dein Zuhause?
Ich habe in meinem ganzen Leben noch nie so viel Reisen können wie in diesem Jahr. Seit Februar waren wir auf sieben Trips und nur ganz selten hatten wir mehr als zwei Tage Pause zwischen den Trips. Mittlerweile habe ich aber fast Angst vor dem Danach, ich möchte nicht, dass es aufhört, aber natürlich vermisse ich mein Zuhause. Mit den Freunden abhängen und das Wetter genießen. Leider habe ich aber keine Freundin, um die ich mich kümmern könnte… (lacht)

K-Rod für Cons. Gefilmt und geschnitten von Ben und sogar die Musik wurde eigens produziert:

Wir nehmen das jetzt mal als ein Aufruf an die deutsche Damenwelt. Welcher der Trips hat dir persönlich am besten gefallen?
Das kann ich so gar nicht beantworten. Ich würde sagen, dass eigentlich alle Trips gut waren – alle Beteiligten geben sich wirklich größte Mühe.

Und wann kriegen wir das fertige Projekt zu sehen?
Mitte Juni!

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