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Another really nice production from two brands that exude quality!

To fully enjoy Carhartt and Pass-Port’s newest collab you must start by pressing play on this video.

For those of you that have never been to New York City, you may not be aware of the that Icey Hot is a total Big Apple type of thing. From your local bodega to old heads with bad knees the stuff is simply part of everyday life. When we were in the city I got hurt and bought myself some and I can tell you the stuff works it magic as did the Pass~Port team.

What happens when you send a Ozzie skate team out to Japan? The security guards come out, you sing karaoke and you film a great video. The Pass~port visual department deserves some extra credit for this one, great fucking work mate!

Billy McFeely kommt mit dem wohl besten Namen der Branche und einem neuen Full Part für Passport Skateboards aus Australien. Mitgebracht hat er ausserdem ein paar seiner australischen Teamkollegen. Skateboarding direkt aus New York City!