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We made this list as part of our “Do it Like Oski & Janoski” session in which multiple teams competed in the Skatehalle Berlin to skate as much as both Oski & Janoski.

Check out the winner here:


Anyway, we made a placelist based on songs our two protagonists could have skated to, might still skate to or just love to play. Instead of letting it go to waste we thought “fuck it” might as well share it with you guys.

A new video by Ben Chadourne feat.: Kevin Rodrigues, Paul Grund, Roman Gonzalez and many more. Those ones are never disappointing.

When we flew to China we arrived at Shanghai airport as two tourists, my travel companion had been to the “People’s Republic of China” before but it was my first time in Asia. I didn’t know what we were in for but I was down to experience it all, we both wanted to see as much as possible.

We had brought along the perfect tool for that, an old Digital 8 “tourist style” handy cam. Armed with both the “handy cam” and our boards we chose to visit not only the Vans Park Series but everything else that Suzhou, Jiangsu and the Chinese people had to offer us.



First off, I have some information for you, “the internet” is not the same in the PRC, no Facebook, Instagram or even Google! This was at times a big plus because instead of looking down to our devices we looked up into the somewhat smog-filled part of the world we were in.

Secondly, we didn’t want to spend all our time at the hotel or at the event. “When in Rome” you don’t just want to stay inside the Coliseum, right? So one-day Oski (bless his heart) managed to get us some free (complimentary) bikes and we were off into the weird wilderness of China’s concrete jungle.


Now, we were two white guys. Normally that is not a big deal but we were in a part of China that did not have many westerners in it. This Caused us to become somewhat of a circus show at times. People wanted to skype their families together with us, stared without shame, took “secret” pictures and the biggest bonus, they allowed us to go and see and do everything. Nobody told us no! We went into temples, factories, sweatshops and “fake supreme shops” all with our “tourist camera” in hand.


That brings me to my second to last point:

Environmental groups are not completely against dams. We approve of appropriate development.

Ma Jun, Chinese environmentalist.

Now after reading this quote you might be confused about the link to the Vans Park Series right? Well, there is no link other than that we put a large percentage of “random” quotes in this video. Not normal quotes (spoken ones) but quotes printed on various pieces of clothing.

We found these quotes (in a store that sold fakes) that seemed random and were often badly spelled and connected them to our experiences in Suzhou. So instead of trying to make sense of the quote at the top of this article just know it is a random quote we found and used, in a similar way as all the others you will see in our video.

A small example of what we found.

Finally, if that didn’t convince you to watch the video let me assure you that we have included some great moves by people like Romand Pabich, Oskar (Oski) Rozenberg-Hallberg, Brighton Zeuner, Kokona Hiraki and a dancing, screaming but overall ripping Pedro Barros. Press play and enjoy the ride!

Extra thanks go to Vans for supporting this project.

Tor Ström A.K.A. Vxtaosen just released a new video with all of his friends, under which a full Ville Wester part. So good…

Featuring: Peter Stege, Jboy, Hugo Boserup, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Emile Laurent, Hjalte Halberg, Ville Wester, Jerome Cambell, Andrew Wilson, Karsten Kleppan, Jesus Fernandez, Enzo, Elias Menzi, Jan Henrik Kongstein, Tobias “Herb” Simeon, Hunter, Thomas Kring, Rune Glifberg, Fernando Bramsmark, Cyrus Bennett, Kyle Wilson & Diego Todd.

For some, this news may come as a shock to you.. but to those lurking hard, this news has come as no surprise.
Daan Van Der Linden has joined fellow Eindhoven legend and PSV supporter Wieger Van Wageningen as a part of the Nike SB squad.

His first trip directly resulted in his welcome clip, must be nice to be that good!


Let’s start at the beginning Oski is one of the most exciting skaters of our time, in fact, he is so nice to watch that the Cardiel reference, in the beginning, might even be justified.

Another thing that we really liked is that it is not just Oski you get his friends people like Hjalte Halberg, Alex Olson, Cyrus Bennett, Roman Gonzalez and more. Another good thing is that Nike gave a colorway to a skater that actually likes to skate the shoe (they have been kind of good at that.) which doesn’t seem to always be the case. Now go sit down and watch this part because it is good!

“Bowlskaten ist doch nur was für die alten Herren” hieß es vor langer Zeit einmal – den Gegenbeweis treten seit einiger Zeit unter anderem Fernando Bramsmark, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Julien Benoliel und Jacopo Carozzi an: Und das auf ziemlich beeindruckende Art und Weise. In diesem Clip, gefilmt und geschnitten von Boris Proust, machen sich die vier jungen Herrschaften auf die Reise vom italienischen Bologna ins französische Marseille und zerstören dabei ungefähr alles, was eine Transition hat.


Aus Schweden kommt eine neue Dokumentation über die Stadt Malmö und seiner einzigartigen Beziehung zu Skateboarding und Beton. Verantwortlich für das Projekt sind der Filmer Philip Evans und Fotograf Nils Svensson, seines Zeichens Haus- und Hofkollege von Polar Skateboards. In einem ersten Auszug äußerst sich Pontus Alv über den Nachwuchs mit besonderem Augenmerk auf seinen Schützling Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg aka Oski. Von diesem jungen Styler darf man noch einiges erwarten.

Die DVD Deluxe Edition gibt es hier.

Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg – BS Wallride Ollie out by Nils Svensson

Oskar hatte, weil geboren und aufgewachsen während einer Hochphase des Skateboarding in Malmö, umgeben von immer neuen Skateparks und Events, definitiv die besten Voraussetzungen, die sich ein Skater nur wünschen kann. So hat er sich das alles zu Nutze gemacht und sich zu einem hervorragenden Allrounder gemausert. Seine täglichen BS Airs und FS Ollies, seine Lines zwischen Skatern und Passanten haben ihn gelehrt, sich jeder Situation anzupassen. Oskar fährt für die Polar Skate Co., und zusammen mit seinem Buddy David Stenström, seinen außergewöhnlichen Transition-Skills und seinem breiten Grinsen verzaubert er jeden, der ihm auf seinen Reisen um die Welt begegnet. Oskar ist ohne Frage einer meiner Lieblingsskater und mit Sicherheit einer der besten kleinen Menschen, die ich kenne. Als Ziehkind von Pontus Alv wird Oski zwangsläufig eine richtige Street Rat werden, die jeden erdenklichen Spot zerlegen wird. Anders gesagt: the future looks bright.

Nils Svensson

Phil Evans veröffentlicht einen Trailer für seine neuste Dokumentation über die D.I.Y Kultur in der Stadt Malmö, welche Skater wie Pontus Alv, Oskar Hallberg und Fernando Bramsmark in ihrer Heimat zeigen wird. Weitere Informationen könnt ihr unter Skate Malmö finden.