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A while ago we’ve been posting each part separately, but here’s the full thing.

‘Creating Lines’ took place in September of 2018, as a three-day event in Rotterdam. We explored how skateboarding in the Netherlands is constantly changing. With an exhibition about Rotterdam’s skate history, the premiere of our full-length skate video ‘Momentum’ and panel discussions about skateboarding in the Netherlands.

‘Momentum’ consists of five main video parts, made by multiple talented Dutch filmmakers. They were given 6 weeks to make a short video, in which they had to incorporate the theme ‘change’. Jan Maarten Sneep edited all the footage into one coherent piece through various Rotterdam memory screen segments.

Main parts by: Ziggy Schaap & Alex van Zwietering, Edward Cook, Marc Bolhuis, Kadir Küçük & Jan Maarten Sneep.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. “Alles Wisselt” Dutch for everything changes is the final part of the “Creating Lines” Momentum series. This one really combines people of all ages and styles from young Jayden de Lange al the way up to an older and way underappreciated skater like Damiaan “Paco” Winkelman. We would like to thank all that participated for their hard work and great content and we hope you “the viewer” enjoyed it as much as we did.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.
Film & edit by Ziggy Schaap en Alex van Zwietering.
Photography by Ziggy Schaap, Martijn van Velden

Alles Wisselt is a short video that translates the theme ‘change’ to different generations in skateboarding. What changes in a normal human life and that of a skateboarder? Our crew consists of skaters with the age of 12 to 36 who all have the same passion, namely skateboarding. We used b-roll shots from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision to show a number of typical things that people of the same age as non-skateboarders do.

After sitting in the car for an hour and a half to Rotterdam, it turned out that Damiaan had forgotten his board, so the session started somewhat disappointing. The majority of the crew was already on their way home but after the hope was almost lost, we came across this spot in a metro stop. Paco (Damiaan) saw his chance and picked up some rad clips on Ziggy’s board, including this nosestall.

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The fourth and second to last part of the “Creating Lines” project is a fucking trip… down memory lane. A visit back to Europe’s and especially The Netherland’s most iconic and fun skate spots, “The Yard”. For those that know this edit holds many gems, including Wieger, P-rod, Paterno, Tommy van Berkel, and Louisa Menke 2004 footage. We wish we could run into this time traveling German streaker so we could re-live those times through our own eyes.

Alwin van Wemmehoven a.k.a. Valwin van Slammenhove a.k.a. Bundel mid trick.
Alwin van Wemmenhoven a.k.a. Valwin van Slammenhove mid trick.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater
Text, Film & Edit by Edward Cook
Photography by Reinier van Oorsouw

What has changed the most in skating for me? “The Yard” is the perfect example. In the past it was a skate spot where you had all the space you wanted with a street type of feeling; there was no one there except your friends and some junkies. Now in 2018, “The Yard” is back but it has been transformed into a skatepark “The Yard 2.0”, a place with rules and lots of guests that are “hanging out” but who really have no function at a skatepark. I a way it is a bit like all the other parks now.

*Note: After being skate-able for about 6 months, the city of Utrecht closed down The Yard 2.0 on November 16th, after continued vandalism and other trouble caused by local (non-skate) youth.

Alwin Wemmenhove, Kaspar van Lierop, Jos Theissens, Tommy Willets, Thomas Knegtel, Tommy van Berkel, Paul Verbraak, Ricardo Paterno, Geoffrey van Hove, Louisa Menke, Yannick Kalaydijan, Addie Knispel, Pieter ‘Parra’ Jansen, Vincent Vos, Tim Zom, Sebastian van der Elsken, Dave Mackey, Wieger van Wageningen, Paul Rodriguez & Bas Jansen