Tag: Kevin Liedtke

Sylvester Stallone ran up the museum’s steps in Rocky and created the ultimate workout montage. Municipal has paid its respect making their own workout montage fit for movie magic.

When the LOVE park got knocked down, it was safe to say that this would not be the end of the Sabotage clips. But still, I was wondering how the upcoming ones might look like. Well, after the fall of their kingdom the LOVE knights apparently went down the East Coast from Philly to Florida to skate whatever came across their way.

Featuring: Danny Renaud, Joel Meinholz, Kevin Liedtke, Dylan Sourbeer, Zach Panebianco and more.

The RIPNDIP crew is ripping and dipping in the streets of San Francisco. The intro is fairly inspired by and also a great homage to Spike Jonze and his great work in the past 20 years. Keep it classic!