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A while ago we’ve been posting each part separately, but here’s the full thing.

‘Creating Lines’ took place in September of 2018, as a three-day event in Rotterdam. We explored how skateboarding in the Netherlands is constantly changing. With an exhibition about Rotterdam’s skate history, the premiere of our full-length skate video ‘Momentum’ and panel discussions about skateboarding in the Netherlands.

‘Momentum’ consists of five main video parts, made by multiple talented Dutch filmmakers. They were given 6 weeks to make a short video, in which they had to incorporate the theme ‘change’. Jan Maarten Sneep edited all the footage into one coherent piece through various Rotterdam memory screen segments.

Main parts by: Ziggy Schaap & Alex van Zwietering, Edward Cook, Marc Bolhuis, Kadir Küçük & Jan Maarten Sneep.

Today as part of our second “Creating Lines” release we are proud to present multiple young talents, first, filmer Kadir Küçük who came up with this concept around the theme of “change”. Secondly, Mano Wolf a name or face you might have seen before if you are Dutch but one you will see on the international stage more and more as time goes on.

They together managed to pull off this partly futuristic piece of cinematography in convincing fashion. Read about their experience bellow:

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.
Film/edit by Kadir Küçük.
Photography by Martijn van Velden.

With a theme like change, most might think of the past and portray what has changed. To me, I thought it would be more interesting and fun to make a prediction of the future (maybe unrealistic).

There is one episode of rocket power where they skate with Tony Hawk and what stuck with me was that they skate a partially glowing skateboard, I thought that recreating that might look cool and futuristic. So I did some research on how to make a skateboard glow in the dark and in the end, I found out that glow powder with some epoxy resin made it work.

It was quite hard filming with that setup though, since you need to recharge the glow powder with light for it to light up at it’s maximum. We had to charge it up about every 3 tries or so, sometimes the spot was too bright and we had to recharge it every try for the board to actually shine.

For this project we were given a month time by Creating Lines to finish a video, most of the people probably went filming right away but I spend the first 2 weeks just researching and trying to make a “glow in the dark” skateboard. And with the filming process being quite time-consuming it ended up being a struggle but I am actually hyped I didn’t go the easy route and still managed to pull it all off just a couple days past the deadline.

A new one by Alex van Zwietering. “Spoor 1” is a clip filmed in Rotterdam and The Hague, The Netherlands.

Featuring Huib Verduijn den Boer, Justin Wagener, Marko Maricic, Buddy Swinkels, Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Ritchie Eversteijn, Izzy McCoy, Sven van Kempen, Erik Wieten, Simon te G, Marc-Francis van den Arend, Kadir Kucuk, Thomas Burger, Bram Schlangen, Joey Verberkt, Rick Den Ouden & Gijs Visser.