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Politic is a cool brand and the whole Division video is worth watching but Danny Renaud is THE reason! I don’t think there ever was a skater before him, that fell from a building broke both his legs was in rehab for the longest and managed to come back with a full part! You be the judge but don’t underestimate how much this comeback must have cost him.

Us being the skate nerds we are we tend to follow all that is going on in skateboarding and to us it has become evident that in 2016 some of the best things are coming out of Canada. The country formerly know as the uncool cousin of the USA but now the times have changed and it is safe to say that edits like this have had their effect! No longer are the Canucks just famous for their denim, their long white tees or the Red Dragons, they are now also known for their high quality skateboarding, good trick selection and consistently showing us the fun side of skateboarding (think DIME MTL). Crawlspace is not only a great title for a video project it is also simply a good video with nice music and tricks from our favorite snowboarder Jed Anderson. Enjoy!