Tag: Jared Cleland

A new video from Oslo by Martin Stuve Strom. The North never disappoints.

Feat.: Øyvind Svensen, Sivert Øveraas, Alek Oestreng, Jens Ugland, Kevin Bækkel, Martin Dammen, Marcus Shaw, Gard Hvaara, Magnus Bordewick, Jacob Elveli, Jared Cleland, Gabriel Bjørsvik, Vi Duc Truong & Ruben Soon.

The Easter festivities are slowly coming to an end. We hope you all had a good time with your families and friends. So before it is time to get back to your usual daily business we invite you to watch this new Scandinavian full length by Jais Hansen called HITIT featuring Nicolai Minde, Andreas Lausten, Dannie Carlsen, Tobias Christoffersen, Bjarne Tjøtta, Jared Cleland, Lukas Olsen, Mikke Haugegaaard, Alex Risvad and Kevin Baekkel.