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Christian Hemmer came into the MBU scene around 2013/2014 if I’m not mistaken and the first few times we had seen him we didn’t know his name, where he came from, and who he is usually rolling with.

Christian is a very calm, kind and careful person when you first meet him but his Skateboarding and the way he is using the whole park and his whole body speaks volumes.

We gave him the nickname “The Janitor” because he was always at the park (MBU) and he constantly fixed things up and brought new obstacles or ideas to the park. Christian Hemmer is the reason skateboarding keeps on being diverse and he is a big inspiration to us and a lot of other people.

Watching this video got us excited and we immediately gave it another watch.

We remember a couple of years ago the Tempelhof Vogelfreiheit skate spot used to be a quiet place to skate.but things have changed, slowly but surely Adam Sello’s efforts have grown to been appreciated more and more with people steadily enjoying all the possibilities that the place to offer. Our entire staff basically spent the whole summer skating there.

But these guys just couldn’t let it go and decided that no matter the weather they had to get their slides in, with or without trucks. It truly looks like a fun time, it is a shame that today the snow melted away again. There is always this video, though.