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Nike SB’s most eclectic crew went on a demo tour and came back with this weirdly exciting mix of flavors that somehow taste great.


Yuto Horigome, Grant Taylor, Nyjah Huston, Ishod Wair, Hayley Wilson, Donovon Piscopo, and Nicole Hause.

Donovan and Daan together is not necessarily the first thing you would think making sense but for some reason, it does, in a weird way. It’s highly entertaining, refreshing and spontaneous for the most of it and on both sides.

Nike SB just dropped one of their newest and most important projects of the year “Trust Fall” featuring some of the best and one of the most legendary people in skating.


Blake Carpenter, Daan Van Der Linden, Donovon Piscopo, Kyron Davis, Caleb Barnett, Casper Brooker, Karsten Kleppan, Cyrus Bennett, Max Palmer, Sean Malto, Andrew Wilson, Nik Stain, and Stefan Janoski.

Go watch the new “Hockey – Daytona Tijuana Ventura” Video to see new footy of  Donovon Piscopo, John Fitzgerald, Andrew Allen, Diego Todd. Enjoy!


On the Nike SB youtube, the video had this text underneath it.

“It was a 7-day trip. Skaters were Donovon Piscopo, John Fitzgerald, Caleb Barnett and Diego Todd. Benny Maglinao filmed and Jared Sherbert was there to TM and handle extra angles. We met in Ventura, skated some spots there, made a quick stop in Santa Maria before heading to Santa Cruz. Hit heavy rains in Santa Cruz so we bounced straight to Sac. Skated there for a couple of days and then went to SF. Had a couple good days in SF and on the way back tried to hit Santa Cruz, but pretty much got rained out there again. Skated Derby in the drizzle for a little bit then headed home.” – Ben Colen

We don’t know about you but if this is the result of a 7 day rained out trip than we wonder what would have happened when the sun was out. Another great job by Benny Maglinao and the Hockey team!

It’s live and it has a lot of AA and Donny Footage to offer. One of the most interesting companys in the business is also having new amateurs, and they open up the video.


A short one by an injured filmer named Johnny Wilson you might know his work.

This video was filmed before he broke his collarbone and it has some good moves, some mediocre moves, and one stand out trick. Namely a boardslide around a very tight corner done by Donovon Piscopo, simply great!

If you don’t know anything about the Pawnshop that is ok but we are sure you do know Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald aka Hockey skateboards favorite tag team. The Pawnshop is the shop that they skate for and the team seems to have a lot in common both skating and dress wise.

Anyway, trust us when we say any Donovon footage is worth watching!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Reggae music is now officially the favorite genre for skate videos in 2017. What else is hot: Grant’s Kickflip (of course), ISHOD WAIR ISHOD WAIR ISHOD WAIR, CK-1’s ability to keep having fun for half a decade now & Donovon’s surf related technique in his movements.

Watch Grant Taylor, Cory Kennedy, Max Palmer, Donovon Piscopo, Ishod Wair, Youness Amrani, Andrew Wilson, Cyrus Bennett, Blake Carpenter and Bobby Worrest in “58 Tour East”.

We have been waiting! Not for the Hardies promo but for somebody to use that Jay Z song and to be honest, it couldn’t be used in a better context. Besides that, legendary DJ Troi “Star” Torain once said that hip hop is “A business where extremely confident black men are able to flourish and prosper.” and for us that is what Hardies brings to the table with the like of Tyshawn Jones, Nakel Smith, Kevin Bradley, Sage Elsesser and many more. Enjoy!

Shortly after the last Hockey Promo, Grey Magazine releases a London clip series called “Blip”, which is an ongoing project of commissioned or collaborative clips by Dan Magee, which features, among others, Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald. The first two clips look really nice and create a desire for more!

Under the aegis of F.A. World Entertainment Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen founded their own new company, Hockey Skateboards. Everyone who already came across productions of those two company names knows that they like to do things a little different, which is at least one of the numerous reasons they are widely celebrated for. Therefore, style-wise “Hockey II” makes no exception and the skating of Andrew Allen and Ben Kadow is just incredible!

“3” is a new video production presented by De Paris Yearbooks. It is going to be released with the De Paris, Of London and Aus Berlin 2015 Yearbooks.

Mit einem kleinen Boot übers Mittelmeer, kleine kroatische Küstenstädte skaten und sich dabei die Sonne auf den Bauch scheinen lassen? Das kann man sich bei einem Blick aus dem Berliner Bürofenster momentan nur erträumen..
Deswegen haben Poler und Nike SB ihre neue gemeinsame Collabo mit einem kleinen Trip in die Adria gefeiert. Mit dabei sind Daryl Angel, Donovon Piscopo und Wieger Van Wageningen.. Ein kleines bisschen Sommer für die Augen.

Bevor am kommenden Wochenende die ersten Berlin Open über die Bühne des Nike SB Shelters gehen, gibt es mit dem Best Of eine 6 monatige Retrospektive. Die goldenen Momente des Openings, der Team Days, Spot Ons und Monday Sessions vereint in einem Clip feat. Shane O’Neill, Donovon Piscopo, Kilian Zehnder, Patrick Rogalski, Farid Ulrich vielen weiteren Akteuren. Die Vorfreude steigt, wir sehen uns am Freitag!


Die Nike SB Amateure in Japan via Transworld, mit dabei sind u.a. Denny Pham, Donovan Piscopo, Kevin Bradley und Kilian Zehnder. Skateboarding an größtenteils neuen und unentdeckten Spots in einer interessanten Konstelation von Amis und Europäern. Ostermontags-Must-See.

Neues aus dem Nike SB Shelter – das internationale Team hat sich nicht nur während der Demo in der Skatehalle Berlin ausgetobt, sondern auch die ein oder andere produktive Nacht um die Ohren geschlagen. Seht selbst wie Wieger van Wageningen, Kilian Zehnder, Luan Oliviera, Shane O’Neill, Donovon Piscopo, Denny Pham und Youness Amrani den Parcours zerpflücken. Spot On!