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Not only one but two videos of John Gardner talking about the importance of our mental health and everything that is coming with that. He is not only simply addressing things but is also giving some advice on things you can do if you feel like something is feeling a little off with you.

Other than watching those videos you can also talk to your friends, family and most importantly a professional therapist if you feel the need to reflect on your own mental health.

Here is JOHN’S JENKEM PIECE that has just came out. As well as some MORE DETAILED ADVICE from Andrew Huberman, published by The Nine Club.

Tell your friends you love them.

The title says it all, this is THE Greg Hunt interview! It starts with his skating and ends with his new book about Jason Dill.

It is a slightly longer read but if you are interested in what Greg has to offer you will be delighted!

Go and read the article by clicking this link.

Photo by Ryan Allan.

DC Shoe’s Choppy D once again shows that their team is stacked and arguably has one of the best line-ups in skateboarding at the moment.

Feat.: Evan Smith, Jaakko Ojanen, Madars Apse, Matt Miller, Thaynan Costa, Tiago Lemos, Wes Kremer & many more. 

We always love when skaters have parts that are edited to music that comes from their country, it makes sense that Tiago is skating to a Kamau song. furthermore, if this is what is blasting through Mr. Lemos’ earplugs most of the time it certainly would explain a part of why his skating is so pumped up.

When I first met Thaynan Costa, we were both being shipped to a ghost city in Inner Mongolia / China. One of his sponsors sent us there to skate this random place for 10 days. I had heard of him before, but I didn’t really know who he was. I think at the time he was around 17 years old, maybe 18. It took us about four years to meet again, but this time we decided to meet on more common ground. Recently Enjoi surprised him with his pro-board and even though people say it all the time, it’s true – he really is a professional. When Louie Barletta himself turns you pro, you did something right. Here are our five days of Thaynan Costa.

One of our office favorite’s John Shanahan with the LurkNYC Treatment. Sit back and enjoy the latest DC Shoes amateur skating the boroughs.

If you are still thirsty for more Brazilian skateboarding after watching Carlos Ribeiro‘s part today, there is plenty more of it! Tiago Lemos celebrates his new colorway on DC Shoes with this one.

Featuring Tiago Lemos, Carlos Iqui, Alex Carolino, JP Dantas and Bruno Aguero.

Tiago’s skating is above and beyond at times even when you follow him on a daily basis he somehow manages to shock us. We say all that to say this, the guy who made this part finally found a song that shocks as much as Tiago’s skating. Enjoy the madness.

Edit by Matt Lenehan
Photo by Mike Blabac

How the hell do you become so good and is it okay to drink the tap water in brazil? There has got to be a reason.. rice and beans, maybe? Tiago Lemos is someone who you could call “The Best”.

Gloomy weather in England, but the DC Shoes crew including flagship Wes Kremer shines anyway!

Featuring: Wes Kremer, Thaynan Costa, Antony Lopez, Jorge Simoes, Sam Pulley, James Bush, Dave Snaddon, Dylan Hughes, Nikki Howells, Sam Murgatroyd, John Bell.

When I saw Davis Torgerson at the SLS event in Munich, although he might not really be a contest guy, I once again fell in love with his super smooth skating. Now, a couple weeks later, DC dropped a new clip in which Davis is introducing the “New Jack S”, a classic and therefor nice looking skateshoe that comes along with the IMPACT-I sole technology to keep your feet safe from bruises. Davis looks more than confident with it out there in the streets. Definitely worth to give it a checkout!

I have always been a big fan of Josef Scott’s way of skating. Some people just have this style that looks so chilled like they do not give a damn about anything. It is that kind of style when someone even can land a trick sketchy and still the trick was “perfect”. Certainly, Josef Scott rolls away clean most of the time, but whenever the trick gets a little sketchy you will know exactly what I am talking about. However, this is a very solid part!

Japan is having a moment right now! Everybody seems to want to travel to the land of the rising sun for the spots, the culture and the overall vibe. The people over at DC recognized this momentum and sent some heavy hitters over. Making this a must watch, you can’t really argue against Wes Kremer’s or Evan Smith’s skating can you?

photo by DC Shoes