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Politic is a cool brand and the whole Division video is worth watching but Danny Renaud is THE reason! I don’t think there ever was a skater before him, that fell from a building broke both his legs was in rehab for the longest and managed to come back with a full part! You be the judge but don’t underestimate how much this comeback must have cost him.

Dave Caddo has been around the block a couple off times. Starting back in the early 2000’s he popped up in many of our favorite videos. Dave has always been a skater with quick feet, a limber style and an eye for spots, we did not always like his style but only a fool would argue against his abilities. This 2015-16 version of Dave shows him in tip top shape still skating like a yoga teacher.

Photo by Jon Spitzer

Derm ist der neueste Zugang im Team von Politic und unterstützt somit seine neuen Kollegen Dave Caddo, Jason Spivey, Taylor Nawrocki, Curtis Rapp und Danny Renaud. “Watch, enjoy and skate!” – dem bleibt nichts hinzuzufügen!