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“Awesome video. Except for the skateboarders, music, crashes, bad actors, music, oops said that one already. otherwise, Awesome
just kidding. Mad Love for everyone. Dad !!”

-Paul McNeil about Cory McNeil’s new video.

CLUBGEAR EPISODE 1: OBSERVING THE EARTH” features Jed Anderson, Ben Blundell, Bobby Dekeyzer and many more.

Bang.. Bang.. Bang!, Transworld has been firing shots at anybody that is competing for the crown of the best magazine. Now who is the best is debatable but one thing is sure TWS has their ear to the streets when it comes to young talent and Antosh Cimoszko is doing it right now!if you don’t know him by now check him out by clicking this link.

I don’t think I have to tell you about Canada’s recent rise in coolness… Everything Canadian seems to be poppin – from Drake to Dime MTL. I believe we can now add Clubgear (Clothing) to that list of cool things coming out of that country north of the US.

The current style of dress seems to be on the verge of changing. I mean, at least some of us look like the skaters in this clip, but I can imagine that the next generation might be fed up with the current mischmasch of Dickie’s and tech gear – the circle of trends… You know!

Here are the latest clips from Clubgear – enjoy!