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While filming for his recent Spitfire part, Mason Silva went from L.A. to Houston to Birmingham to Richmond to Brentwood to DC to New York. HUF produced a little documentary about him getting clips.

Featuring Brad Cromer, Dick Rizzo, Justin Drysen, Salomon Cardenas, and Caleb McNeely. A video by Tyler Smolinski.

Absolutely incredible Alexis Sablone section in this one.

A film by Ben Chadourne

A nice snack from the Big Apple which seems to be coming back to a bit more normality during this pandemic.

“LSD, Let’s Skate Dude!” A brand new full-length skate video by Krooked.

Featuring: Mark Gonzales, Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, Bobby Worrest, Dan Drehobl, Sebo Walker, Ronnie Sandoval & Matt Gottwig.

The DirtBagCrew went on a trip to Japan. Check out HUF team riders Josh Matthews, Brad Cromer, Matt Gottwig, Dick Rizzo, Jake Anderson and as it seems, a fully recovered Austyn Gillette, shred through Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. Also featuring special guest Shin Sanbongi.

If you have been paying attention you might have noticed that HUF just opened a new store in NYC and in honour of that store the team went out and got some really nice footage. On top of that Austyn’s Transworld cover trick is featured in this edit.

Featuring: Brad Cromer, Jake Anderson, Austyn Gillette, Matt Gottwig, Dick Rizzo and special guest Brendan Carroll.

Brad Cromer has been videotaping skateboarding for some time now and to be honest he is getting really good, the other noteworthy thing in this short video is the Austyn Gillette clip. We have not seen anything from Mr. Gillette in a while – there where rumors about him being injured – so to finally see him back on the board is certainly a good thing.

Every now and then, you hear a name that for some reason gets stuck in your head. Either it’s because you really like what the person is doing, or simply because you like the sound of the name. Cameron Strand is a very pleasant and easy-to-pronounce name and we also really like what he’s doing. And while it’s always difficult for us to feature American photographers with photographs of American skaters on American spots – we’ll make an exception for Cameron Strand. With this portfolio we want to invite you guys to sit back and enjoy the sunshine in these photos, and get your essential amount of Vitamin D for your health.

Victor Garibay_fs board_STRAND
Victor Garibay – FS Boardslide

Ben Fisher_bs flip_STRAND
Ben Fisher – BS Flip

Austin Zito_hurricane_STRAND
Austin Zito – Hurricane


Brad Cromer_push_STRAND
Brad Cromer

Bobby Worrest

Mason Silva_vheel_STRAND
Mason Silva – Varial Heel

by Daniel Pannemann

“Put on your dancing shoes – and dance away your blues.” Brad Cromer hat es in den Zehenspitzen. Eine Instagram Compilation des Krooked Skateboards Pros:

Photo by Erik Groß.

Die Brixton Teamfahrer Brad Cromer, Ernie Torres, Christian Maalouf, Dolan Stearns und Jordan Taylor haben den Winter in Los Angeles genutzt um diesen Clip zu filmen. Hat da wirklich gerade irgendjemand Winter gesagt?

Viele Videos aus dem Hause Transworld haben es mittlerweile geschafft, echte Klassiker zu werden: Nur zu gerne erinnern wir uns an Werke wie “Modus Operandi”, “Sight Unseen”, “In Bloom” oder “And Now”. Ob das mittlerweile 26. TWS Video “Outliers” sich ebenfalls einen Platz im Klassikerregal sichern kann bleibt noch abzuwarten. Unwahrscheinlich ist es allerdings nicht, denn immerhin sind hier Riley Hawk, Lee Yankou, Neen Williams, Brad Cromer, Zered Bassett und Marius Syvanen mit feinstem Skateboarding vertreten. Letzter hat einen äusserst sehenswerten Part abgeliefert, der soeben via TWS online gegangen ist. Wer auf abnormal stylische Powerslides steht ist hier goldrichtig:

Photo: Oliver Barton