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The city, the crew, the filmer, it all looks so good! Most of you viewers will most likely be doing your family trees just to see if you can apply for a Russian passport!

If you like Ben Chadourne’s work check out more here

Quasi’s output has been great lately and this is no exception. When you are done watching this one go back and watch this great Bobby Dekeyzer part as well.

After a long time of rumors and Instagram screenshots, the cat is now out of the bag! Bobby DeKeyzer is now officially a professional Skater for QUASI skateboards. Congrats!

LOPEZ, friends, and teammates in Mexico covers just about all that this Converse video has to offer. Stand out to us: Alexis Sablone, she is truly a great addition to an already talented crew of people. Enjoy!

Ben’s new video is highly recommendable and definitely worth a second or even a third watch. Here’s Hjalte Halberg, Bobby DeKeyzer, Nik Stain & Paul Grund in Vienna, Prague, Berlin, and Budapest.


It seems like that nowadays the Thrasher site has become the number one choice when it comes to a media outlet even for the bigger brands. The new Converse CONS Purple video is not released on their own YT channel but via the “Skateboard Bible”.

Watch Jake Johnson, Louie Lopez, K-rod, Bobby DeKeyzer & 100 other guys go absolutely a 100% in.

Hit after hit after hit after hit, Canada man! The Canucks are having a moment after years of being sunned by many,
in 2017 they are on the mark like a DJ Khaled record, good skaters good product and good companies. Enjoy this new Clubgear edit.

“Awesome video. Except for the skateboarders, music, crashes, bad actors, music, oops said that one already. otherwise, Awesome
just kidding. Mad Love for everyone. Dad !!”

-Paul McNeil about Cory McNeil’s new video.

CLUBGEAR EPISODE 1: OBSERVING THE EARTH” features Jed Anderson, Ben Blundell, Bobby Dekeyzer and many more.

Der Sound, die Tricks, der Style und die Spots. Bobby Dekeyzer got it all. Naja, bis vielleicht auf des Kaisers neue Kleider und damit wäre die kurze Hose gemeint. Passt schon, Bobby ist ja noch jung.