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A new one from Geoff Campbell for Nike SB Australia. Ben Lawrie has a crazy good Noseslide.

Featuring Riley Pavey, Corey Young, Raph Langslow, Jack O’Grady, Hayley Wilson, Harry McEvoy, Max Couling, Sean Malto, Kieran Woolley, Noah Nayef, Rowan Davis, Sam Sutton, Anthony Mapstone, Ben Lawrie, Nick Boserio & Harry Clark.

Australia has been gaining so much momentum it is great to see these young people investing and giving us all kinds of content from over there to enjoy.

The scene hasn’t felt this health since “Let’s Live” came out!

Indi Russell, 50-50 drop down to Nosegrind.

Now the kind people of PASS~PORT skateboards have supplied us with a bundled version of Paul’s footage from recent years and to great results.

But TBH we would have liked it more had it not included the footage from that 4-year-old highlight of a section. Anyway, that is complaining, truth be told this is still really nice to have, as we imagine that boxset is as well. Enjoy!

Hardies hardware newest video comes in unannounced like a skateboard to the head, slightly insensitive but it does get the point across.

Hard slams, creative tricks and one of the best backside heelflips in recent history that is what you get with the Hardies squad.

It’s always a weird feeling to look back on the past. Time goes by so quickly. From the retrospective James James reminds you of the pint sized shenanigans of Nathan Jackson, Shane O’Neill, Andrew Beauchamp, Josh Pall, Kurt Winter and Luke Croker.

Just like many Australian skateboarders Ben River Lawrie is another excellent street ripper with a head of long hair who doesn’t give a damn about securities. The fact that his instagram name is @lincoln_square does not leave any questions where he got discovered by filmer Geoff Campbell and the rest is history. Definitely an interesting new face from Down Under!

“Anyone who visited Lincoln Square in Melbourne over the last five years is pretty much guaranteed to have witnessed Ben River Lawrie, aka: ‘Lincoln Child’. Nearly everyday without fail he would be there grinding his trucks to a quick and imminent death. Now the plaza is gone but the child still lives on, scouring the Melbourne streets for his new home…”Geoff Campbell

For those of you that have never been to New York City, you may not be aware of the that Icey Hot is a total Big Apple type of thing. From your local bodega to old heads with bad knees the stuff is simply part of everyday life. When we were in the city I got hurt and bought myself some and I can tell you the stuff works it magic as did the Pass~Port team.

World power Nike SB has a strong team apperently in almost each and every country around the globe. And, of course, Australia and New Zealand are no exception.

Featuring: Nicholas Andrewes, Alex Campbell, Casey Foley, Charles Robertson, Jason Rainbird, Caeylen Norris, Dean Johnston, Max Couling, Harry Clark, Geoff Campbell and Nick Boserio.

VANS & Pass~port just designed some colorways together, to celebrate the success they asked their team riders, Callum Paul & Nik Stipanovic to go out and film some solid moves. It does seem like the people over at Pass~port called the shots when it came to the editing. The music and the seemingly nostalgic style of the animations have been speaking to us for some time now, even though there are some other companies working with nostalgic elements Pass~port has carved out their own lane withing the wave of nostalgia.

UBG Vol. 1 is a full length independent skateboard film shot in the city of Melbourne featuring, among others, Geoff Campbell, who almost got hit by a car but after that moment of shock luckily delivers a part with a great trick choice and his well-known one-of-a-kind style. Too bad the part is just 1:40 minutes.

The 4 Skateboard Company is amongst our favorite brands from down under, they have released a couple of projects that were on heavy pre-sesh rotation. Their most recent video combines still and moving images that create a strong atmosphere – featuring Louie Dodd, Casey Foley, Ricky Watt, Morgan Campbell, Mike Martin, Harry Clark as well as guest skaters Ben Hermans and Kaloe Kaaikala.

Die Australier von Pass~Port bauen ihr Team weiter aus – neuester Zugang ist Nik Stipanovic, der in diesem Welcome Clip zeigt, wie vielseitig Skateboarding in der heutigen Zeit sein kann – ein echter Allrounder. Die neuen Teamkollegen Dean Palmer, Geoff Campbell, Callum Paul, Josh Pall, Glenn Wignall, Bernie Foo, Juan Onekawa und Trent Evans haben zur Begrüßung auch noch jeweils einen Trick beigesteuert. Nice one:

Während sich in unseren Gefilden endlich der Sommer nähert, kehrt am anderen Ende der Welt langsam, aber sicher der Winter ein. Die Australier von Buttergoods stellen also mit diesem Lookbook – analog geschossen von James Whineray und Garth Mariano in den Straßen von Perth – die neue Winterkollektion vor, die trotzdem irgendwie nach Sommer riecht: So kalt wirds ja in Australien nicht werden…

Ab dem 29. April lassen sich die Teile online shoppen!


Der Pass~Port Teamfahrer Dean Palmer skatet durch die australische Nacht, ist dabei äussert stylisch unterwegs und hat eine hervorragende Trickauswahl getroffen. Mehr braucht man zu diesem sehenswerten Clip gar nicht sagen:

Filmed by Luke Smith
Edited by Trent Evans

Die Teamfahrer von Magenta Skateboards sind für kreatives und modernes Skateboarding bekannt und unterstreichen ihr Standing mit dem gerade online gegangenen Kurzfilm “Crossing The Perth Dimension”. Zu sehen gibt es VX Footage von Leo Valls, Jimmy Lannon und Koichiro Uehara, die sich im April 2013 auf den weiten Weg nach Perth in Australien gemacht haben und dort mit James Whineray, Liu Puli und den Locals unterwegs waren.

Hier gibt es die ganze Story zu diesem 12-Minuten Clip, den ihr gesehen haben solltet!

Der australische Cliché Pro Sammy Winter steckt seine flinken Füße ab sofort in die bunten Socken von Stance – der passende welcome Clip ist zwar alles andere als bunt aber trotzdem wunderschön anzusehen. An wen erinnert uns das ganze?