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WKND – Alexis Sablone

Alexis Sablone is known for pushing herself to the limits and in doing that she also pushes women to press themselves to new heights….

Austyn Gillette

Catching Up With Austyn Gillette

TWS Magazine spent an afternoon at Austyn Gillette’s home in Los Angeles on talking about the HUF NYC trip, recovering from his double knee…

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Angeles Forest

Austyn Gillette has what it takes to make these 60 seconds so enjoyable. Filmed by Riley Blakeway


WKND – Hi Mom, We’re Home

It seems that many people know that WKND has a strong connection to the state of Florida before the board brand started a lot…


Austyn Gillette for WKND

WKND Skateboards definitely is on the rise! After engaging Eric Koston, now Austyn Gillette is the next big name who joins the team. Of…

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WKND Announces First Pro Board

WKND’s first Pro announcement got kind of weird but what else could one expect from the WKND boys who seem to have banned the word…