Tyshawn Jones

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Illegal Civilization – IC3

A nice little preview from the crew that young people love and bitter people love to hate! We for one can’t wait to see…

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Tyshawn jones – KILLER

The title almost says it all but the song solidifies it, Tyshawn Jones the current “King of New York”.

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adidas Skateboarding – 20|50

Aaron Meza, the Gonz and Tyshawn Jones a match made in heaven! Sprinkle some Suciu and some Nestor Judkins over that and you have…

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Fucking Awesome – More Mayhem

Are stars made or are they born, is talent embedded or developed? Is everything a skateboarder does part of skateboarding? Fucking Awesome certainly seems…

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Bill Strobeck – “KING JONES”

Everybody knows Bill films for both his and Supreme’s Instagram, his music selection immaculate like that first Ghostface Killah album. Before people took his…



Hardies hardware newest video comes in unannounced like a skateboard to the head, slightly insensitive but it does get the point across. Hard slams,…


Illegal Civ 3 Promo

A new IC Promo, straight from the City of Angels. Those guys are having fun, that’s for sure. The movie is going to be…