Tag: Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco

I wonder how it feels to get ‘highfived’ by Rick Howard. Simon Bannerot & Tyler ‘Manchild’ Pacheco are scouted very well, to say the least. Here is their very first Lakai section filmed in NYC:

This edit shows what it means if somebody like Gonz surprisingly appeares at your spot and changes your average day into something extraordinary, which you might remember for quite a while. By the way, Gonz is looking strinkingly solid on his all too small bicycle.

Featuring Mark Gonzales, Rick Howard, Chico Brenes, Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco and Simon Bannerot.

The Chocolate Skateboards team spend a fun day at the Rosecrans Ditch. “I’m a ditch boy” ….. “I love ditch.”

Featuring Vincent Alvarez, Rick Howard, Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco, Johnny Jones, Sam Smyth and a special guest.