“Kaio, Paddy and Fitschi out in London skating the MWADLANDS.” That’s right! Filmed by Torsten Frank.

Andi Welther Mixtape 2017

Germany’s finest and most dateless skater Andi Welther has a video Mixtape running for Titus. Always good to see Andi skating.

The Goodness – Mark Metzner

We met Mark while he was out living in Berlin we skated together and we knew he was good but he still really managed…

Team Titus – Stuttpark

Recently, Team Titus visited Germany’s new and probably smoothest indoor skate park in Stuttgart for a private session. The park looks so nice you…

Away Days – Stuttpark Premiere

Stuttgart’s brand new and pretty nice looking indoor skatepark got inaugurated with the premiere of the Adidas Away Days video followed by an open…

3Stripes3Tricks – Kai Hillebrand

This summer, PLACE and adidas Skateboarding proudly present the 3Stripes3Tricks video contest. It’s all about dynamic skateboarding – easy but stylish, fast and light-footed….


Heute abend wird im Stuttgarter Delphi Kino das “Propeller” Video von Vans gezeigt und als wenn das nicht schon Grund genug zum feiern wäre,…