Sebastiaan Vijverberg


Memories by Ziggy Schaap

Memories is a video by Ziggy Schaap, full of Dutch Vans riders, including their TM, Sebastiaan Vijverberg. Featuring Bram Schlangen, Lex van der Does,…

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Ziggy Schaap – “The End”

Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Rob Maatman, Justin Wagener, Robbin de Wit, Pascal Moelaert, Patrick Reins, Woody Hoogendijk, Jelle Maatman, Remco Stolze, Bert Roeterdink, Nick Bax, Bram…

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Opperclaes – Character Type

Combining art and skateboarding can be very tricky and a lot of projects often slide into the trap of making artistic versions of skate…


Hummus & Shakshuka

When travelling to Israel even the most apolitical person gets confronted with the fact that the birthplace of most of our major religions makes…

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Alex van Zwietering – 7″

Alex van Zwietering never fails to deliver. Great filming, editing and song selection. Featuring: Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Jayden de Lange, Dwight Hoogendijk, Jip Koorevaar, Jaïr…

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BOOMBAP / SIDE B: Spain – 4:32

Shortly before Marc Bolhuis’ new full length BOOMBAP is going to be premiered on March 9th at Rotown Rotterdam he just released another 4:32 min appetizer. Featuring Wouter…

Addou - Nollie Heel weena- 2017-By Hayze

Rachid Addou – BOOGIE BUNKER

Rachid Addou has always been a mover and a shaker and truth be told whether you are organizing a skate session or an event….


Boombap Promo 2

Marc Bolhuis, out of Rotterdam, is working on a full-length called “BOOMBAP“. He’s already released four minutes of footage as a promo. Featuring Wouter…