Tag: Quasi Skateboards

One of the best skateboarders got a new pro model, this one is a second world war inspired type of sneaker. We would like to know more, Mr. Crockett, but for now, this half part half commercial provides us with a good first look. Gilbert truly is on a good / interesting path with this one.

Do you know this feeling at a electro party when the beat drops in again after a longer break and your whole body completely merges with the music again? Well, that’s amazing. And that’s exactly what Tyler Bledsoe‘s new part is like.

Richmond Virginia, is where most of this clip seems to take place, if I’m correct the home of Quasi skateboards (formerly known as Mother Collective) the clip features the likes of Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson, Josh Wilson and Dick Rizzo. This clips delivers some quality skateboarding set to some good music, a simple and timeless concept that makes you want to go out and skate.