mariahCfrance kopie

OG 2000 – MARIAH

This video is entirely dedicated to Mariah Carey! That doesn’t mean that she totally dominates the score but it does mean that the love…

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Magenta – Toujours Paris

Oh, yes! Magenta Skateboard‘s exceptional lightfooted crew flows over beautiful Parisian pavements again! Featuring Jimmy Lannon, Vivien Feil, Leo Valls, Santiago Sasson, Glen Fox,…


LesBlobys – Tsapof

A lot of Parisien action on the web lately, the Instagram videos have slightly slowed down but the Bloby video output has gone up….


Les Blobys – Instagram remix 2

The Blobys are taking matters into their own hands once again with this insta mix. Instead of the fan mixes this one has the…

Blue-Eyed  Boy

Augustin Giovannoni – Blue-Eyed Boy

Augustin Giovannoni back at it again with a new clip. Featuring some good skating by Pierre Subra, Franz Grimm, Joffrey Morel, Yoan Taillandier and…

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This edit reached us through our friend Luidgi Gaydu. It shows the young gang of Pure ripping mainly through Paris. Fairly entertaining! Featuring: Allan…

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Rebound – Full Length

“We like to skate, we are having fun.” – This is all what Romain Batard has put as video describtion for his newest full…

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Max Geronzi – Awake

Venture Trucks just put out one minute of casual footage of probably the most infamous in Barcelona living Frenchman, Max Geronzi aka the Gronze.