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“..And he will remain silent.” Shane O’Neill comes with a new video part for Nike SB, completely out of the blue.

Not only does this Nike tour video have something that we have been waiting for for a while now, new Vincent Touzery footage!

The real surprise came at the end when the credits said that the 3 main filmers were Johnny Wilson, Matt Bublitz and Cory Kennedy. It seems that Cory is not only a serious talent on the board but seeing him stunting behind the lens makes us wonder when his first video is dropping.

Remember last years CPH Open? Bobby Worrest got some stuff done… The Nike guys certainly enjoyed their time in Copenhagen.

Featuring: Bobby Worrest, Hjalte Halberg, Andrew Wilson, Hugo Boserup, Max Palmer, Cyrus Bennett, Alex Olson, Oskar Rosenburg-Hallberg, Ishod Wair, Ryan Bobier and Ville Wester.


Nike SB is killing it with their web clips lately. Check out Kevin Terpening ripping the L.A. streets in this good looking piece of cinematography.

“The global karaoke market has been estimated to be worth nearly $10 billion.” We just got the news that the karaoke share is increasing arithmetically since last Tuesday and it seems to be a good time to invest. Another increasing thing was happy faces because we saw them everywhere. A good time with good people at a good bar on a fucking good night, thank you guys for coming out. You are the best! S/O to Nike SB for the support and Heiners Bar for being the coolest Bar in Berlin.

Last week we provided you with the photo recap and today it is time for the video recap.
Featuring guys like Giorgi Armani, Farid Ulrich, Justin Sommer, Patrick Rogalski, Kai Hillebrand, Philipp Oehmige and many others.

So press play and enjoy the video that Jon Wolf and Mark Nickels made for us all.

“In my career, honestly, the hardest part was to look at the camera and say that I’m gay.” Brian Anderson talks to “The New Yorker” about his Skateboarding Career and coming out after all these years of hiding.

The 21st of June is a special day. It’s not just the official beginning of summer and thus the longest day of the year (speaking from the northern hemisphere point of view), it’s also the date we skateboarders celebrate our passion, culture, and community – the International Go Skateboarding Day. Since we happen to live in a major city like Berlin, we are lucky enough to annually have a well-organized event by Nike SB.

This year again, the event was well-attended, the weather bright, the atmosphere good and just like every other time, I could not believe that another full year had already gone by. We bottle flipped at Pappelplatz, did some cash for tricks, up, on and over a picknick table, we raced around the Project DSS course and we tried to break speed records by doing flip tricks as fast as we could. In the end, Justin Sommer did a 35 km/h varial kickflip which is probably the fastest varial flip ever done on flat ground, an amazing way to end Go Skateboarding Day 2017!

Special thanks to everybody who came by, Nike SB, Yamato Living Ramps, Civilist Berlin and Titus Berlin! Until next year!




























Nixon welcomes Denny Pham to the Pro ranks and we celebrate the status update with a new full part. More of Denny in our upcoming Issue ‘Funbox’ coming first week of july.

One of skateboarding’s most exciting days is almost upon us, not only locally but all across the world, skateboarders from all walks of life are set to gather on Go Skateboarding Day 2017. This year Nike SB and PLACE are asking you! Not only all skateboarders but everybody to come and join us in Berlin on Wednesday, June 21st. Together we will take on our city’s streets to skate, celebrate and essentially do the things we love most.

We invite you to meet up with us at Civilist store and/or Titus Berlin
in Mitte where you can pick up your highly limited GSD SURVIVAL PACK before we all head out to the Pappelplatz skatepark to witness and compete in the first ever BOTTLE FLIPPING SKATE CHALLENGE presented by Civilist.

At Pappelplatz we will also announce the (top secret) location of our next staple event: the CASH FOR TRICKS SECRET SESSION. A session presented by Titus Berlin in which you will be directly rewarded for your heavy-hitting tricks with cold hard currency.

As the sun will slowly start to set, we will still be sweating through our shirts trying to crown the winner of the PROJECT DSS GRAND PRIX open race event. For those of you that are not looking to break speed records, you are welcome to enjoy some very cold drinks and some very hot BBQ food together with the people of Yamato Living Ramps and the 1. Berliner Skateboard e.V – anything goes on Go Skateboarding Day Berlin 2017!

To summarize

12 – 2 PM | Civilist / Titus Berlin Mitte
Meet & grab your GSD Survival Pack.
ATTENTION: highly limited availability, register here to safe yours: http://gonike.me/goskateboardingday

2.30 – 4.00 PM | Pappelplatz
Bottle Flipping Skate Challenge

4.30 – 6.00 PM | Secret Spot
Cash for Tricks Secret Session

6.30 – 9.00 PM | Project DSS
The Project DSS Grand Prix & BBQ

Go to our Facebook event by clicking here.

Numbers Edition is coming with their second drop and also announces two new European team riders. Magnus Bordewick & Kyron Davis did something right in the last few month.

The good people over at Grey have a new video up featuring: Casper Brooker, Kyron Davis, Korahn Gayle, Jak Pietryga, Neil Smith, Mark Stern, Kyle Wilson, Marc-A Barbier, Jason Caines, Will Creswick, JB Gillet and Dan West, filmed and edited by Will Miles.

If you don’t know anything about the Pawnshop that is ok but we are sure you do know Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald aka Hockey skateboards favorite tag team. The Pawnshop is the shop that they skate for and the team seems to have a lot in common both skating and dress wise.

Anyway, trust us when we say any Donovon footage is worth watching!


Let’s start at the beginning Oski is one of the most exciting skaters of our time, in fact, he is so nice to watch that the Cardiel reference, in the beginning, might even be justified.

Another thing that we really liked is that it is not just Oski you get his friends people like Hjalte Halberg, Alex Olson, Cyrus Bennett, Roman Gonzalez and more. Another good thing is that Nike gave a colorway to a skater that actually likes to skate the shoe (they have been kind of good at that.) which doesn’t seem to always be the case. Now go sit down and watch this part because it is good!

Yesterday everybody gathered at the #ProjectDSS skate park to create, show and discuss their designs. Brains were being stormed and ideas got put to Jan Kliewer who also offered up his own views.

During the open session, locals and visitors skated the park together, while the crowd seemed to constantly switch between watching the session, the BBQ and “the bar” creating a relaxed atmosphere.

For those who were there go check if you made it into our photo recap and if you didn’t check the photos out anyway because there is some funny cool in there.



































Special thank you goes out to Nike SB, Yamato Living Ramps, Titus Berlin and 1. Berliner Skateboard e.V.for making this event happen.


All photos by Danny Sommerfeld

After the success of last years Nike SB Project DSS sessions, it is finally time to open a new chapter for 2017.

The expansion of the #ProjectDSS park that we have all enjoyed over the last year is a priority; and just like last year, your opinion matters. Therefore Nike SB dropped of some #ProjectDSS Design Boxes at Civilist, Titus Berlin, Titus Zoopreme, Nike Store Berlin and the Nike SB Shelter. Starting today, you can drop off your ideas, sketches, opinions or tips in one of the boxes at one of the locations mentioned above and please do not hesitate to ask , we are very looking forward for see your ideas.

Nike SB in collaboration with Yamato Living Ramps and 1. Berliner Skateboard e.V. will host a Design Session at the DSS. The event will take place on Friday, May 12th starting at 17:00.

This event is meant as a Brainstorming session. Jan Kliewer will be present to discuss your ideas and the future of DSS. Like last year this event is not only about the new design, there will be some skating including a BBQ session with drinks supplied by the nice folks over at Titus Berlin.

Head over to to the Facebook Event to save the date.

Click this link to keep yourself updated.



It is fair to say that Australia probably has one of the best skateboarders on this planet. Where this is coming from is hard to actually tell. Here is a new edit featuring the Nike SB Australia team and this one has a good amount of Josh Pall footage and a new kid Jack O’Grady, wich we should keep an eye on now.

It is always important to pick the right skater for a product related video like this and Nike sure picked the right one! Both Donovon and John Fitzgerald seem to have been getting pairs since their first Christmas eve.