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It is great to see your friends again even if it is through Youtube. The joy of seeing them do good together with their friends is a feeling that will warm even the coldest of Christmas hearts.

When Mark Metzner showed us this video we were excited because it is rare to see Mannheim but also it is rare to catch a glimpse of Franz Grimm’s skating in 2020. So read what Mr. Metzner has to say but above all press play!

Longer shows you the daily life of Mark Metzner in the streets of Mannheim aka Monnem through the lens of his HPX camera. This video can be seen as an appetizer of what is going to be happening in the future. So you viewers better hide your wallets and watch out for Longer.

We met Mark while he was out living in Berlin we skated together and we knew he was good but he still really managed to surprise us in this video.

We also love the animations and want to give a shout out to Bannsen who probably spent quite a few hours working on them.

The infamous crew of Stuttgart’s Arrow & Beast skate shop recently visited Berlin and also used this circumstance to stop by the Nike SB Shelter. The outcome of this is a very lively edit that depicts both the skating and the Shelter from some unknown perspectives. Featuring: Erik Müller, Kai Hillebrand, Patrick Zentgraf, Mark Metzner, Daniel Wagner & Kamil Krzesniak.