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Last Thursday Thomas Busutill launched the long-awaited Aus Berlin Yearbook at Civilist store in Berlin. As the De Paris and Of London ones the Aus Berlin Yearbook is also a great compilation of street photography from various photographers, which depict the life of skateboarders in one of Europe’s greatest skate metropolises. The book is a piece of art as it is a piece of history with photographies from Henrik Biemer, Benjamin Deberdt, Alexei Lapin, Alex Pires, Danny Sommerfeld and many many more.
The book launch was accompanied by a photo exhibition and a video premiere as well.

Photos by Paul Röhrs

Tomorrow it is finally time for the long-awaited (at least by us) launch of the Aus Berlin 2015 Yearbook. At the launch event, there will be an exhibition and a video premier just to spice things up just a tad bit more. So if you want to see what happened last year in Germany’s capital head over to Civilist tomorrow around 7:30PM so you can enjoy the book, the video, and the exhibition.

For those of you that want to know a bit more about the yearbook project, we did an interview with Thomas Busuttil who started the Yearbook project that you can check out here.

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Our lifestyle during the summer months differs a lot from the one we have in the winter. In the winter we try to soak up the sun and go out and skate as much as we can, but in the summer months, we might waste a sunny day by taking a girl to the beach. The same goes for other aspects of our social life when the days become longer, we move from inside the bar to outside the Späti! So we decided it Bright was the right time to show everyone how we live during the Berlin summer, we asked our friends at Späti 36 if we could throw our PLACE ISSUE 57 release party there and they said YES! So if you were at the party and want to relive the moment or if you were not there and want to get a taste of what it was like check out our snapshot recap.

Snapshot is forever.

We would like to invite you to the launch of PLACE Issue 57 “A Portrait”
For this event, we want to take you with us and celebrate things “Berlin Style” at a Spätkauf.

Our new issue is focusing on the age-old art of portraying: people, moments, things and emotions. We challenged ourselves in new ways! Stop by and have a drink with us.

Head over to our Facebook event for more info and updates.

PLACE Issue 57 Features:

Dane Brady, Jerry Hsu, Kevin Rodrigues, Jun Song, Sarah Parson-Texas, and Giorgi Armani.

Yesterday evening R.T.CO launched their April collection at the HVW8 gallery. Rollo went all out with a video, hats, sunglasses (of course) and skateboards! By the way the boards are limited so get you one before it is to late. There is not much left to say so we are gonna close this one off by saying thanks for a great evening and snapshot is forever!

Photography by Danny Sommerfeld

Last week PLACE issue 56 landed in the mail and when an issue is done it is time to host a little get together. Of course the event had be in Paris and while we where out there working on the issue we had found the perfect place. So when the time came we linked up with the people from Chez Justine to set the right atmosphere, it all turned out well and it was a great evening.

Special thanks to Converse and FUTUR for supporting the event.

Photography by Danny Sommerfeld