Tag: Kert Hollywood

Tom Weimar is back with this new part that he filmed with Kert Hollywood. For those that know Tom’s work, he is famous for using very special music and cool camera work.

Then Coronavirus hit, and like most of us, Tom was sat inside more than ever, going through his previous work while his girlfriend asked him: ‘Why don’t you make a video with a “sweet” vibe. The answer came through reading a book about Post-Punk, think Manchester, Joy Division, that type of music.

So, when Kert showed up this summer super motivated, Tom had his camera ready and together they ventured off the beaten FFM path. Jannis Fray came into the picture a bit later, known for his detailed line work. He stuck to the Post-Punk spirit of industrial landscapes and sounds and contributed the final piece to the puzzle.

Today we are premiering “Welcome to Franki” a skateboard video by a young filmer out of Frankfurt named Paul Herrmann. The video was shot in Frankfurt, Berlin, Barcelona and the French capital of Paris. It gives you a good insight into what young German skaters are doing (mostly in Frankfurt and Berlin) but it also has some mainstay people like Kai Hillebrand, Valentin Cafuk, and Timo Meiselbach. All in all we back Paul in his efforts and are proud not only to host the online premiere of his new video but also to welcome him into the PLACE squad. From now on Paul will produce a monthly video column for all of you to enjoy but first things first, take a seat, make yourself comfortable, press play and welcome yourself to Franki.


Valentin Cafuk, Tim Griffel, Luis Waterkamp, Max Barthel, Philipp Weil, Lukas Bergener, Clemens Dembinski, Yunus Ergen, Louis Urban, Anton Jäger, Steffen Grap, Daniel Pannemann, Philipp Oehmige, Johannes Schirrmeister, Deniz Bul, Timo Meiselbach, Rahul Rahman, Nils Hansen, Sascha Scharf, Niklas Stube, Ollie Reinicke, Eric Erhardt, Max Obert, Timo Klein, Kai Hillebrandt, Tom Weimar, Martynas Katauskas, Andrius Kohrs, Tim Thomas, Matthias Ellinger, Kert Hollywood, Luis Kohl.

Photo by Max Barthel