Karl Salah

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Futur – OSCAR & KARL

The Parisian brand Futur drops one of their nicest edits to date featuring a very dope song by Mr. Barrington Levy. Enjoy Oscar Candon…

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A new video for Futur by the steady hands of Yoan Taillandier. It must be nice for a filmer to film a small team…

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NB# – Parallax

Russell Houghten seems to approach every one of his projects differently but always with a strong effort towards a powerful visual presentation. Now, these…


LesBlobys – Tsapof

A lot of Parisien action on the web lately, the Instagram videos have slightly slowed down but the Bloby video output has gone up….


Les Blobys – Instagram remix 2

The Blobys are taking matters into their own hands once again with this insta mix. Instead of the fan mixes this one has the…

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Our friends from FUTUR just came out with a very enjoiable new video from Milan and Rome featuring Juan Saavedra, Santiago Sasson, Karl Salah…

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Hélas Polo Club Mixtape

It is not by chance that international hype around the Paris based clothing brand Hélas is constantly growing, if they keep their mixtapes shine…



Das französische Cons Team hat sich auf einen Trip nach Nantes, La Rochelle, Arcachon und Bordeaux begeben und uns ein bißchen Footage zusammengeschnitten. Paul…