Frog skateboards

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XORBENT 4 – Jesse Alba

A nice talk with a person involved with the sweetest looking company out there. Cool to learn about Mike V and his influence on…

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Pat Gallaher – Skating Is Easy

Pat is on Frog Skateboards, Frog is one of skateboarding’s coolest companies, Pat seems to get shoes from Lakai, Lakai could use some cool…


Sondre & Amandus in Seattle!

If you think that Sondre & Amandus are only staying in their comfort zone then you are wrong. Just recently we caught Amandus at…

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jesse alba – gath.

Jalba just released a new video and who knew the smashing pumpkins had such hits! Good music with good skating a classic mix.

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Frog Skateboards x Noah NY

Possibly the most original company out collabs with one of the coolest streetwear companies out there. Expect launch ramps, street and vert footage galore….

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Pat Gallaher – Pro Part

This is the best going pro part we have seen in a long while. It truly shows how the skater in question progressing from…