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Dropping sort of mixtape-like skate videos seem to be the state of the art right now, which is, at least to my mind, a nice compromise between the flood of short-living online clips of modern times and the classic full lengths. However, Montreal’s Dime crew just delivered another quarter hour of great skateboarding, which will entertain you for sure!

The Quartersnacks guys just put together this Dime compilation and the only question we have is when is the full video coming out?

Photo by Scott Pilgrim

Dime has been responsible for some of the best content i’ve seen in recent years from digging up Joey Valdez to making fun of New York skating they know how to make something good. To celebrate the release of their new Vans slip on shoe they hosted a contest, where the focus lay not only on doing the best tricks but also on the weird culture of skateboarding.
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Finally Dime and Vans got together to present to you the first ever slip-on designed for stomping. Meet Bryan, the anonymous stomper, as he is talking about his obsession: