Daan Van Der Linden

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Nike SB – Trust Fall

Nike SB just dropped one of their newest and most important projects of the year “Trust Fall” featuring some of the best and one…

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Nike SB – 18

the letter A is the 1st letter of the alphabet the letter H is the 8th letter together they stand for Anti Hero Skateboards….

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The Good Homies Video

Every year Thrasher traditionally send their current SOTY on a trip. Thus, this time Kyle Walker is the one to whom the honor is…

kyle walker ollie

Vans – “No Other Way” Video

Long long long 50-50’s on multiple kinked rails combined with a very impressive nosegrind nollie flip. Just two highlights from Kyle Walker and Elijah…


Searching For The Shade: Volcom im Oman Part 2

Die Suche nach unentdecktem Skateboardterrain auf der ganzen Welt geht unerbittlich weiter. In Zeiten der Globalisierung wird es allerdings immer schwieriger, tatsächlich neues Terrain…