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Vans “Courtesy”

Mainly Canada focused “Courtesy” delievers with a bunch of good moments and the overall feel good video you want to watch before skating. You…


Ibu Sanyang for Quota

What a beuatiful new sighting. Luidgi Gaydu once again is spotting some real talent. Remember the name Ibu Sanyang!

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Bronze 56k – Berts Vid

The title is clickbait bit this video does contain the most OG Bronze 56k shared part. Also, weirdly enough this video feels like something…

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Swedish Metal

A car, a camera, and some skaters, normally you could go to jail for skating a vehicle like this but we are pretty sure…

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Huf – Brad Cromer 2 part

We all know Brad Cromer to be an amazing skater and this part even though it is reminiscent of Alien Workshop edits of the…

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adidas /// – Rodrigo TX x Busenitz

Sometimes you are reminded of classic footwear by someone who doesn’t “own” the model. The original Busenitz Pro shoe is a timeless model that…