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Niklas Rickes – Nochmal

“Nochmal” translates to: Again or Another One. Niclas probably choose that title in regards to the many Maybachufer videos that came out in the…

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Romain Batard – Giddy #10

A new Giddy is upon us and with all other episodes of this series, this has a concept, a very simple form follows function…


Et Vasey by Hadrien Buhannic

Bloby’s Hadrien Buhannic just released a new stand alone project featuring a lot of well known faces. You don’t wanna miss that one! Feat.:…


432 by Vierzudrei

Nils Werner is back with a new “Vierzudrei” video called: 432. Good spots, good people, good music, very good video – do yourself a…

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skatedeluxe – Zaragoza 3st.004

Martin Sandberg, Ike Fromme, Amiel Kornicki, Sascha Sharf, Kevin Ozcan, and Tim Janke went to Zaragoza and found some really nice terrain for a…

Shawn Powers

Shawn Powers for Manhattan Portage

There has been so much talking about Shawn Powers by other people but so little by Shawn himself. Here is a short film about…

A Day In The Life Of Cher

A Day In The Life Of Cher

Cher is doing pioneering work with her way of living her life and dealing with things. The skater and musician is sharing her experiences…

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The title of the crew clashes somewhat with the idea behind Bella Italia but skateboarders are known to sleep, eat and live on the…

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Private Joy – Burst

A nice outing from a PJ with some standout skating and a standout opening song.