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Oscar Candon – Supra Pleasure Pack

Oscar Candon spent one day filming a short clip for his new Supra colorway. And who could’ve followed his brisk lines better than well-known…

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Austin Thongvivong

Some unseen raw footage of the young rising talent from Portland, Austin Thongvivong.

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Globe – Good Luck in Lisbon

The whole Globe international team of kamikaze pilots joint together in Lisbon, certainly not for vacation. Featuring David Gonzalez, Mark Appleyard, Ryan Decenzo, Paul…

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The Turtle Video – Reloaded

Triggered by an IG post via Jankem Magazine I stumbled upon this Austrian full length, which deserves your immediate attention.  

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Dustin Eggeling – Static IV

Although the mystic sounds and familiar spots give this video piece a very “Spirit-Quest-like” atmosphere, Dustin Eggeling‘s part is from Static IV, which already…

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La Quadra Nostra

The Matriz skate shop in Porto Alegre, Brasil, has gained international popularity through its legendary and loyal teamrides such as Luan Oliveria, Rodrigo TX,…

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Jed Coldwell Remix

Being the hip hop nerd that I am, I really liked the music choice in this one. Moreover, I enjoyed the way both the…

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BMG Volume 9

To be honest, it might have been the first time I came across a video of Marseille’s BMG crew, which is a shame considering how…