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Augustin Giovannoni – Test 2K16

Our Parisian friend “Nonni” scraped up the footage he filmed in 2016 and made a little sort of mixtape. And if that is really…


Cyrus Bennett – god in my bed

Since the introduction and explosion of social media, every skater has turned into his or her own marketing machine with a great outlet for…


Ilja Judizki – Oh Snap

I can’t really explain why, but as long as I know Ilja Judizki, his style has always created in me a nostalgic feeling leading…


Heitor Da Silva – Tigerstaden

Illusion aka Muska Flips, effortless lines that don’t seem planned and a great mix of all disciplines of skating. Our feelings towards Heitor can…


Shortcuts – Fernando Bramsmark

A new episode of filmmaker Philip Evans‘ Shortcuts. This time Fernando Bramsmark cruises around at Train Bank Spot and some other spots in Malmö.

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Sour – Hella Dramatic

While the skateboarding is as amazing as always, the edit of this new Sour Skateboards clip differs quite a bit from the ones before,…