Mean Streets John Shanahan

One of our office favorite’s John Shanahan with the LurkNYC Treatment. Sit back and enjoy the latest DC Shoes amateur skating the boroughs.


OHSNAPVIDEO – Michel Funke

Michel Funke’s Section from “Oh Snap” comes with an O.G. feeling to it. Raw skating from one of Berlin’s finest.


Romain Batard – CHURB

It seems only too fitting that only hours after Hugo Maillard left Berlin one of his long time friends puts out a new video….



“Spending a week with Madrid’s finest group of young men.” was the name of the article in our ‘Time Issue’. Those guys rule Madrid…

hugo collage

Hot Picks With Hugo Maillard

We haven’t done this feature in a while, and we did not ever do it before last time but this is not a feature…


Sondre Mortensen – sweetheart

Malmö’s most elusive pair of skaters is back with a new video, it must be nice to have your brother as a filmer and…


Manolo’s Tapes – FTC Revisited

A classic hip-hop saying goes “If you don’t know now you know!” and that is exactly what these Manolo’s tapes are all about. And…


Quartersnacks Drop Offs Volume 8

Some good footage in this new QS drop off it’s got some of our favorites people like Daniel Kim, Dustin Henry, Zered Basset, Josh…


Krooked X Slam City

The legendary London skate shop teams up with one of skateboarding’s most unpredictable brands. While we are at it let’s be honest we know…