Bronze 56K – ***A1***

The Bronze 56K crew recently did a little trip to Berlin and Paris for a week. A Bronze video is not a Bronze video…

Xenia BLN

Victoria Xenia BLN

A VX Video from Berlin with the unbeatble look of such an old video camera, for today’s standards. From your friends, with your friends….


Paul Herrmann – Moodcuts

Paul Herrmann has been coming through on the regular with his video column and instead of showing another highlight reel from his “Welcome To…

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WEAKDAYS – 2016 Year Review

With its ups and downs I’d say 2016 was all in all a solid year for Girl and Chocolate Skateboards. Some of the good…

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After Hackelona Farid Ulrich and Vincent Heller proudly present to you their second video project called Københacken. That the footage stems already from 2015…

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Danni Olsen Full Part’17

Danish Danni Olsen got himself a pretty nice present for his 30th birthday. One of the first full parts of ’17 is coming from…